Understanding CAC Fees and Charges: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses.




As businesses embark on their journey in Nigeria, engaging with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is an inevitable step. The CAC provides various services to support entrepreneurs and companies throughout their lifecycle. However, businesses need to be aware of the associated fees and charges to effectively plan their budgets and comply with regulatory requirements. In this article, we offer a comprehensive guide on CAC fees and charges for various services, ensuring that businesses can make informed decisions and navigate the financial aspects of their interactions with the CAC.


  1. Company Incorporation Fees:

The CAC charges fees for the incorporation of different types of companies, such as private companies limited by shares, public companies, and companies limited by guarantee. The fees vary based on the company’s authorized share capital and other relevant factors. It is essential for businesses to determine the appropriate company structure and understand the associated incorporation fees.


  1. Business Name Registration Fees:

For individuals or partnerships seeking to register business names, the CAC imposes specific fees. These fees depend on whether the business name is for a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporate entity. Understanding the cost implications of business name registration is crucial for businesses exploring different business structures.


  1. Change of Company Particulars Fees:

When companies need to file changes to their particulars with the CAC, such as changes in directors, shareholders, or registered office address, certain fees apply. It is essential to be aware of these fees to plan for compliance with statutory requirements and avoid penalties for late or non-compliance.


  1. Certified True Copies and Certified Extracts Fees:

The CAC charges fees for providing certified true copies of incorporation documents and certified extracts of company records. These fees are applicable when a business requires legally authenticated copies of crucial documents for various purposes, such as opening bank accounts, entering into contracts, or participating in government tenders.


  1. Post-Incorporation Fees:

The CAC offers various post-incorporation services, such as name change requests, filing of annual returns, and other transactions. Each service has associated fees, and it is vital for a business to familiarize themselves with these charges to ensure accurate financial planning for their businesses.


  1. Corporate Affairs Monitoring and Compliance Fees:

For businesses seeking information or conducting due diligence on other registered entities, the CAC offers company search and verification services. These services may involve fees, and understanding the cost implications is essential for businesses engaging in corporate affairs monitoring and compliance.


  1. Mediation and Dispute Resolution Fees:

In promoting alternative dispute resolution, the CAC offers mediation and arbitration services. These services are subject to specific fees, and businesses involved in commercial disputes should be aware of the associated charges for these resolution mechanisms.



Navigating the fees and charges associated with CAC services is essential for prospective customers planning to establish or operate businesses in Nigeria. By understanding the cost implications, businesses can make informed decisions, effectively budget for compliance, and ensure smooth interactions with the CAC. Engaging professional services, such as audit firms with expertise in corporate affairs, can further support businesses in navigating the financial aspects of their interactions with the CAC and ensuring compliance with statutory requirements. With a comprehensive understanding of CAC fees and charges, businesses can focus on their growth and success in the vibrant Nigerian business landscape.


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