Tax probe: RMAFC, workers disagree over consultants’ engagement

Workers of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission have disagreed with the management of the organization over the use of consultants to probe banks for failure to remit all they collect on behalf of the government agencies in charge of taxes and levies.

The workers had staged protests for two days last week where they drew the attention of the management and members of the public to the plight of the workers whom they alleged were being rendered redundant through the use of consultants in what should have been their sphere of influence. Following the two-day protests, the management of RMAFC opened a consultation with the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, RMAFC Chapter. Chapter President of the association, Mr Martin Adeoye, in an interview with our correspondent, said that the talk would continue as it had not yet produced the required results. Adeoye said that the association was not completely against the use of consultants by the management of RMAFC to do its work but added that a situation where the workers were completely neglected was not acceptable. He said, “If they attach two or three members of staff to a consulting firm, we would not be angry. It is by embedding members of staff among the consultants that the capacity of the workers is built. If they completely neglect us, why are we here?” Adeoye said that the organization had almost 1,000 workers scattered in different parts of the country, adding that if they were adequately trained and deployed, consultants would not always be needed for the verification exercises that were carried on by the agency from time to time. He disclosed that the association would continue the talks with the board of RMAFC which he said would soon be inaugurated following the screening of the members by the National Assembly. The various probes instituted by RMAFC into tax remittances by banks, withholding taxes and Value Added Tax, had to the recovery of N268bn into the federation account. According to the agency, the recent verification and reconciliation of collections by banks had led to the recovery of over N73bn recently.


Source: Punch