Tax Incentives for Manufacturing and Industrialization: Nigeria Finance Act 2023


As Nigeria strives to enhance its industrial and manufacturing sectors, the Nigeria Finance Act 2023 introduces a series of tax incentives to stimulate investment, drive economic growth, and promote job creation. Acknowledging the pivotal role of these sectors in achieving sustainable development, the Act seeks to attract both local and foreign investors by providing strategic tax incentives. As a reputable accounting firm in Nigeria, we explore the key tax incentives introduced in the Finance Act 2023 and their potential impact on manufacturing and industrialization in the country.

1. Reduced Corporate Income Tax Rates:

The Finance Act 2023 offers reduced corporate income tax rates for companies involved in manufacturing and industrial activities. The Act lowers the tax burden on these businesses, creating a more conducive environment for investment.

Lower corporate tax rates encourage businesses to retain profits for reinvestment, foster expansion, and improve competitiveness in both local and international markets.

2. Pioneer Status Incentive:

To further encourage investments in manufacturing and industrialization, the Finance Act 2023 introduces the Pioneer Status Incentive. This scheme grants qualifying companies tax holidays, exempting them from paying corporate income tax for a specific period.

The Pioneer Status Incentive provides companies with a competitive edge, enabling them to channel resources towards research, development, and modernization, thereby bolstering innovation and technological advancement in these sectors.

3. Accelerated Capital Allowances:

The Act introduces accelerated capital allowances for businesses investing in qualifying manufacturing and industrial assets. Companies can claim a more rapid depreciation of these assets for tax purposes, thereby reducing their taxable income and overall tax liability.

Accelerated capital allowances incentivize modernization and upgrade of production facilities, encouraging the adoption of advanced technologies and boosting productivity.

4. Export Expansion Grant (EEG):

The Finance Act 2023 reinstates the Export Expansion Grant (EEG) scheme to promote non-oil exports. Under the EEG, qualifying exporters are eligible for a cash grant, based on a percentage of their total export earnings.

This incentive encourages manufacturers and industrialists to explore international markets, diversify revenue sources, and reduce dependence on oil-related revenue.

5. Research and Development (R&D) Incentives:

Recognizing the importance of innovation in driving manufacturing and industrialization, the Finance Act 2023 provides tax incentives for companies engaged in research and development activities. Businesses investing in R&D can claim deductions on qualifying expenses, fostering innovation and technological advancements in these sectors.

R&D incentives contribute to product improvement, process efficiency, and the development of homegrown solutions to industry-specific challenges.


The Nigeria Finance Act 2023 demonstrates the government’s commitment to fostering manufacturing and industrialization in the country. By offering reduced corporate income tax rates, the Pioneer Status Incentive, accelerated capital allowances, reinstating the Export Expansion Grant, and providing R&D incentives, the Act seeks to attract investments, boost productivity, and enhance Nigeria’s position in the global manufacturing landscape.

As a leading accounting firm in Nigeria, we advise businesses in the manufacturing and industrial sectors to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Finance Act 2023. By leveraging these tax incentives, companies can expand their operations, embrace technological advancements, and contribute significantly to Nigeria’s economic growth, job creation, and industrial development.

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