Tax Incentives and Reliefs in Nigeria Finance Act 2022: Maximizing Benefits for Businesses.


The Nigeria Finance Act 2022 introduces a range of tax incentives and reliefs aimed at stimulating economic growth, supporting specific industries, and encouraging investment. In this article, we explore the key tax incentives and reliefs offered in the Nigeria Finance Act 2022 and provide guidance on how businesses can maximize the benefits to enhance their financial positions.

  • Agricultural Sector Incentives:

The Act recognizes the importance of the agricultural sector in Nigeria’s economic development and introduces tax incentives to support this critical industry. Businesses engaged in agriculture are eligible for various tax benefits, such as tax deductions on qualifying expenses and accelerated capital allowances on agricultural equipment and machinery.

Implication: Agricultural businesses should take advantage of the available tax incentives to enhance their operations, invest in modern technology, and contribute to food security and economic growth.

  • Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits:

To encourage innovation and technological advancement, the Nigeria Finance Act 2022 provides tax credits for eligible Research and Development (R&D) expenses. Companies involved in R&D activities can claim tax credits as a percentage of qualifying R&D expenditures, reducing their overall tax liabilities.

Implication: Businesses investing in R&D initiatives should meticulously document their expenses and claim the R&D tax credits to promote innovation and improve their financial positions.

  • Export Expansion Grant (EEG):

The Act reinstates the Export Expansion Grant (EEG), a scheme designed to support Nigerian exporters. The EEG provides a cash grant to eligible exporters, calculated as a percentage of the free-on-board (FOB) value of non-oil exports.

Implication: Export-oriented businesses should take advantage of the EEG to enhance their competitiveness in international markets and receive cash incentives that can facilitate expansion and growth.

  • Infrastructure Tax Relief:

To promote investment in critical infrastructure projects, the Nigeria Finance Act 2022 offers tax relief to businesses involved in these ventures. Infrastructure projects in sectors such as transportation, power, and telecommunications can benefit from accelerated capital allowances and tax deductions on qualifying expenses.

Implication: Companies investing in infrastructure projects should leverage the tax relief provisions to attract private investment, enhance the country’s infrastructure network, and contribute to economic development.

  • Pioneer Status Incentive:

The Act maintains the Pioneer Status Incentive, which grants qualifying industries or projects exemption from income tax for a specific period. The Pioneer Status Incentive encourages businesses to invest in industries deemed crucial to Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

Implication: Companies operating in designated pioneer industries should apply for pioneer status to enjoy income tax exemptions and improve their competitive advantage.


The Nigeria Finance Act 2022 presents a host of tax incentives and reliefs designed to support businesses, foster economic growth, and promote investment in key sectors. As a leading accounting firm in Nigeria, we advise businesses to capitalize on these incentives to maximize their benefits and enhance their financial positions.

By carefully evaluating their eligibility for various incentives, meticulously documenting their qualifying expenditures, and complying with the necessary application processes, businesses can navigate the complexities of the Act and position themselves for success in Nigeria’s dynamic business environment. Leveraging the available tax incentives and reliefs, businesses can contribute to the country’s economic growth and prosperity while securing a competitive edge in their respective industries.

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