Tax Incentives and Benefits for Investors in Ogun State.

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Ogun State, located in the southwestern region of Nigeria, is rapidly becoming a preferred destination for local and foreign investors. With its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and pro-business policies, the state offers a wealth of opportunities across various industries. To further attract investments and encourage economic growth, the Ogun State Government has introduced several tax incentives and benefits for investors. In this article, we will explore the tax incentives provided by the Ogun State Government to attract and support investors, fostering a conducive investment climate in the state.

1. Pioneer Status Incentive:

One of the notable tax incentives for investors in Ogun State is the Pioneer Status Incentive (PSI). The PSI aims to promote new investments in the state by granting qualifying businesses a tax holiday for a specific period. Under this incentive, eligible industries can enjoy a tax exemption ranging from three to five years, depending on the sector and location of the investment.

The Pioneer Status Incentive is available to businesses that are pioneers in their respective industries, introduce new products, or invest in specific strategic sectors identified by the government. By providing this incentive, the Ogun State Government encourages innovation, attracts new players to critical sectors, and stimulates economic diversification.

2. Investment Tax Relief:

To encourage continuous investment and expansion, the Ogun State Government offers investment tax relief to existing businesses. This benefit allows businesses to deduct a percentage of their qualifying capital expenditure from their assessable profits, thereby reducing their tax liability. This measure incentivizes businesses to reinvest in the state, upgrade their facilities, and contribute to the economic development of Ogun State.

3. Infrastructure Development Support:

The Ogun State Government recognizes the importance of infrastructure in attracting and retaining investors. To support this, the government provides tax incentives to businesses that contribute to infrastructure development within the state. By investing in infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals, businesses can claim tax credits or enjoy accelerated capital allowances, further reducing their tax burden.

4. Export Expansion Grant (EEG):

For businesses engaged in export activities, the Export Expansion Grant (EEG) is a valuable tax incentive provided by the Federal Government of Nigeria. Investors in Ogun State who export their products or services outside the country can benefit from this incentive, which offers a cash grant or tax credit based on the value of their exports. The EEG is designed to promote non-oil exports, enhance foreign exchange earnings, and diversify Nigeria’s export base.

5. Free Trade Zone Benefits:

Ogun State is home to several Free Trade Zones (FTZs) that offer attractive tax incentives to investors. Businesses operating within these FTZs can enjoy tax exemptions, duty-free importation of raw materials and machinery, and simplified customs procedures. The Free Trade Zones in Ogun State provide a conducive environment for manufacturing, processing, and international trade, making them attractive destinations for foreign direct investment.


The Ogun State Government’s commitment to promoting investment through tax incentives and benefits demonstrates its dedication to economic growth and development. By offering the Pioneer Status Incentive, investment tax relief, infrastructure development support, and access to Free Trade Zones, Ogun State aims to attract a diverse range of investors and foster a business-friendly environment.

For investors seeking opportunities in Nigeria, Ogun State stands out as a promising destination, offering not only a vibrant market but also a supportive tax regime. As always, it is essential for investors to consult with professional tax advisors or accounting firms to maximize the benefits of these incentives and ensure compliance with the relevant tax regulations. By capitalizing on the tax incentives available, investors can make significant strides in their business ventures while contributing to the economic prosperity of Ogun State.

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