TAX: Automated technology will boost Osun‘s revenue

The Osun State government has said that introduction of an automated technology known as “Omoluabi Card” for collection of taxes from taxable Osun residents was designed to boost the state’s revenue base. Supervisor for Finance Mr. Bola Oyebamiji, at a weekly meeting of the Ministry of Finance, said with the automated technology, all taxable adults in the state will be captured.

He maintained that the new system would afford the Ministry of Finance to have an accurate data of every taxable resident and monitor the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) drive of the state effortlessly. Oyebamiji, who is also the supervisor in charge of the Ministry of Commerce, Cooperatives and Industries, explained further that the new technology would help the state to get the required tax and levies from any taxable adult without any stress. He added: “Those who have paid their taxes will be seen at a glance and those who are yet to pay through the database, making it difficult for any official to embezzle such government fund.” He noted that most advanced countries are able to collect taxes from their citizens because of their efficient automated system. He said: “If we want to achieve new results, we need to stop doing things the old way. The idea of the ‘Omoluabi Card’, which we have been trying to implement, will go a long way in assisting the state in a lot of positive ways.


Source: Today