FIRS decries absence of industries in Abakaliki

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) in Ebonyi state, has decried the absence of manufacturing companies in Abakaliki, the state capital, a development it said was the challenge facing it.

Kenneth Effiong, tax controller, Abakaliki, MTSO FIRS, who spoke to our correspondent in Abakaliki, also told this paper that majority of taxpayers in the state are civil servants. According to him, majority of people in the state are working class compared to other states where there are large concentration of businessmen and companies. “We go out to educate taxpayers on tax matters and possibly, bring them into tax payment.  A lot of businessmen out there are complaining that they are not educated, not being put through on what tax is all about.  So, with the backing of the management, we now decided to use three days to go out and educate taxpayers on tax matters, which is our routine job here as tax office.  “Compare to other states, Ebonyi state has been complying. Everyone knows about FIRS presently. The name FIRS is now a household name in the state. Every family that is into business knows about FIRS and they comply. I think I will give them 60% compliance. “Ebonyi tax payers are trying. I give them 60 percent, but we have challenges. Number one, Ebonyi state is not a business area; and another thing is that the people of Ebonyi are mostly government workers. We do not really have business men in Ebonyi. And the ones we have are contractors; their tax comes when they are able to carry out contracts (projects) unlike in other states, that have industries and major businesses


Source: Orient Daily News