Extend tax credit on alternative fuels

Many fleets, businesses, transit agencies and school districts eagerly await the beginning of the September congressional work period, the next opportunity for Congress to extend the expired Alternative Fuels Tax Credit.

Preserving our environment must be a national priority, and investment in proven on-road technology depends on maintaining cost efficiency. The credit on the sale of certain alternative transportation fuels is key to ensuring fleets, delivery trucks, waste-hauling vehicles, school and transit buses operate on clean alternative fuels. It allows businesses, large and small, to invest in cleaner but more expensive vehicles. The credit has lapsed for over 20 months, even though it has bipartisan support in both chambers. Congressional action is crucial. We ask that these tax credits be extended as soon as possible to restore consistency, clarity and parity in the federal tax code — so that fleets have added incentive to switch to clean, abundant domestic fuels such as propane autogas and natural gas.


Source: Autonews