Beyond Incorporation: Exploring Post-Incorporation Services Offered by the CAC in Nigeria.

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Once a company is successfully incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria, there are several post-incorporation services available that can further support and strengthen the business. Understanding these services and their potential benefits is essential for prospective customers seeking to establish a solid foundation and navigate the regulatory landscape effectively. In this article, we will explore the post-incorporation services offered by the CAC, showcasing how they can contribute to the growth and compliance of your business.


Certified True Copies and Certified Extracts:

The CAC provides certified true copies of incorporation documents and certified extracts of company records. These services allow businesses to obtain legally authenticated copies of essential documents, such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, and other statutory filings. These documents are often required for various purposes, including bank account opening, legal transactions, and government contracts.


Change of Company Name:

In certain circumstances, a company may choose to change its name post-incorporation. The CAC offers a service to facilitate the change of company name, ensuring legal compliance and maintaining an accurate reflection of the company’s identity. Proper documentation and adherence to CAC guidelines are necessary for a successful name change.


Certified True Copies of Resolutions:

Companies often need certified true copies of resolutions passed at board meetings or general meetings. These certified copies serve as evidence of decisions made by the company’s management or shareholders. The CAC offers this service to provide legally authenticated copies of such resolutions.


Corporate Affairs Monitoring and Compliance:

The CAC plays a crucial role in monitoring corporate affairs and ensuring compliance with statutory regulations. It maintains a comprehensive database of registered companies, which enables stakeholders to access important information about a company’s status and compliance. Prospective customers can leverage this service to conduct due diligence, verify the compliance status of business partners, and make informed decisions.


Statutory Filings and Returns:

The CAC requires companies to submit various statutory filings and returns to maintain compliance. These include annual returns, financial statements (where applicable), and updates on changes in company particulars. The CAC provides a platform for companies to submit these filings electronically, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and transparency.


Company Search and Verification:

The CAC offers a company search and verification service, allowing businesses to access information about registered entities. Prospective customers can utilize this service to verify the existence and details of a company, check ownership structures, and obtain essential information for due diligence purposes.


Business Names Registration and Verification:

In addition to company incorporation, the CAC also handles business name registration. This service is available for individuals or partnerships looking to register their business names. The CAC provides guidelines and verification services to ensure uniqueness and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Mediation and Dispute Resolution:

The CAC plays a role in mediating disputes and resolving conflicts related to corporate affairs. It provides a platform for alternative dispute resolution, allowing parties to seek amicable solutions and avoid lengthy and costly legal proceedings.



Beyond the initial incorporation process, the CAC offers a range of post-incorporation services that can support and enhance the operations of businesses in Nigeria. Understanding and utilizing these services can contribute to maintaining compliance, accessing vital information, and resolving disputes efficiently. Businesses can benefit from engaging professional services, such as audit firms with expertise in corporate affairs, to navigate these post-incorporation services effectively. Leveraging the resources and support provided by the CAC enables businesses to thrive, grow, and stay compliant in the dynamic Nigerian business landscape.


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