ANAN inaugurates Mainoma as 11th president

Prof Muhammad Mainoma has been inaugurated as the 11th president of the Association of National Accountants of Nigeria. During his inauguration as the association’s president and unveiling of new logos of ANAN and its training arm, the Nigerian College of Accountancy, Jos, Mainoma said he was determined to consolidate on the attainments by making accountancy in Nigeria more attractive.

In a statement, he commended the founding fathers, past presidents, fellows and members of the association for their commitment and resilience in building a strong professional accounting organisation in the country. The new president said that the membership of ANAN as individuals must build professionalism comprising proficiency, respect, objectivity, fairness, education, selflessness, service and integrity. He also mentioned the relevance of organisation, networking, ability, learning, image, and standardisation. He said, “Under my leadership as the 11th president and chairman of council, the association shall work on ‘accounting,’ advancing the profession, college development, capacity building, opportunity creation and unity of purpose. “It will focus on networking globally, technical support, innovation and consolidation, new knowledge and technology and global brand building. “Greater collaboration is required among professional accounting organisations in Nigeria on national issues. “The council shall be working with other PAOs to form a joint accounting body as formidable platform for advancing government.” He said that the Federal Government’s national Anti-Corruption Strategy needed the support of PAOs in Nigeria. “PAOs must work alongside government, regulators, law enforcement and international bodies to combat corruption, tax evasion, money laundering and to strengthen transparency and accountability programmes,’’ Mainoma said. On the economy, Mainoma said the macroeconomic performance of the Nigerian economy had largely reflected the role of the global economy. Nigeria’s economic recovery from recession benefitted from Federal Government’s commitment to the implementation of the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, he stated.


Source: Punch